How can I share my Fiverr logos outside of Fiverr?


As stated in our Terms of Service

By uploading a Logo Design to Fiverr Logo Maker you represent and warrant that it is your original work, you exclusively own all rights to such design, and it does not infringe any third-party rights. You further warrant that such design was never sold before to anyone and that you will not offer it for sale outside of Fiverr Logo Maker.

You asked some questions about publishing your logos outside of Fiverr, and we’re here to help answer them.

We’re happy to share that there are a few ways you can show off your designs without breaking the Logo Maker rules of originality.

Let’s go over the approved ways of how to properly share your logo.

How to generate a link for a buyer

To generate a link for your buyer:

  1. Go to your logo’s Dashboard, and click the three dots (located next to the chosen logo).
  2. Select View as buyer to open a buyer mode in a new tab. 
  3. Select Share logo to copy the link into the buyer mode.

Remember: When you post a logo, make sure you have the link accessible, so that buyers can buy your design directly from Fiverr—with the package of choice—and use their own brand name.




How to share your logo on your website

Showing your work proudly on your website or as your portfolio online is an important part of presenting your style and gaining new clients.

If you choose to show a design that you’re also selling in the Logo Maker, make sure you attach the link to the one that directly purchases the logo from Fiverr.
You can generate a link using the steps explained above.

How to share your logo on social media platforms

Below are instructions for how to share your logo designs on different social media platforms including Behance, Dribble, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit.


Once they’re ready to order, provide the Fiverr link to purchase your logo.





Once they’re ready to order, provide the Fiverr link to purchase your logo.





If you show off your designs in individual posts, make sure you add a direct purchase link in the Caption section.





Add links in your photo descriptions.





Currently, Instagram doesn’t allow posting links in individual picture posts. Instead, you can post your designs there, and then, Once they’re ready to order, provide the Fiverr link to purchase your logo.




Add the purchase link in the Photo Description section.





Add the link in the Purchasing Photo description.



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